10 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

Without Energy Drinks or Caffeine

Did you know that simple lifestyle changes can significantly boost your energy?

From time to time, we all will have those exhaustingly busy days that zap our energy and leave us crawling into bed at night. However, if you’re experiencing chronically low energy and exhaustion on a daily basis, maybe it’s time to skip the extra cup of coffee or energy drink and learn how to energize your lifestyle instead.

The ten ideas below are simple ways that you can boost your energy without energy drinks or caffeine.

1. To Boost Your Energy: Get Active

Your body was meant to move.   So, without regular physical activity, your body has no way to increase its physical energy capacity.

Physical energy is what allows you to do stuff and the more you move your body, the more you will increase the amount of physical energy that you have access to.

Unfortunately, if you spend most of your day sitting, not only is this very bad for your health, but you’re also impeding your body’s ability to produce energy.

Filling your day with more physical activities will enhance the blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients to your muscle tissue, helping them produce more energy.

So, why not start your day with a walk around the block and some push-ups? Instead of a coffee break, take a five or ten minute walk outside. Also, try walking somewhere to have lunch, instead of staying in the office.

As you get more active, you’ll be able to boost your energy level, which will allow you to get more done and feel less exhausted at the end of the day. Isn’t that worth it?

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2. Boost Your Energy By Being Positive When You Have Every Reason To Be Negative

It’s a fact that positive emotions will boost your energy, while negative emotions tend to leave you feeling drained.

Emotions do two things; they either energize you or they leave you feeling drained. This is the case because emotions are energy. As a result, they have either a positive or a negative charge.

Positive emotions like joy, contentment and happiness require very little energy to sustain them. Negative emotions, on the other hand, such as anger, fear and overwhelm, are dark and heavy.

They leave you feeling drained because they require a lot of energy to sustain them. This is why you feel drained after a big argument with someone.

Learning to manage your emotions on a daily basis can significantly boost your energy. One simple way to do that is to practice remaining positive and optimistic when everything around you is falling apart.

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Let’s face it; it’s easy to remain positive when things are going well. However, the time when you need positive energy and positive emotions the most is when things are not going as planned.

Remember, negative emotions trigger your brain to shut out anything that isn’t necessary for your immediate survival. This will not help you to come up with creative solutions to your challenges.

Positive emotions, on the other hand, help to expand your repertoire of possibilities, which often lead to more positive outcomes.

So, practice walking on the bright side of life, because the darkness will keep you exactly where you are.


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3. Boost Your Energy by Volunteering or Helping Someone

Helping others not just makes you feel good; it is also good for you physically and psychologically. In fact, research shows that people who consistently help others live healthier, happier lives and may even live longer.

Researchers also found that volunteering for at least four hours each week is just as good for your health as exercising four days a week or quitting smoking.

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Helping others isn’t just a good thing to do. It also activates the reward center in the brain that is responsible for you experiencing pleasure.

In fact, when we help each other, the brain goes into a “dopamine-mediated euphoria” state that makes us feel good.

So, get in the habit of either volunteering or helping your coworkers on a regular basis. Such random acts of kindness will boost your energy beyond measure.

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4. Learning A New Skill, Sport Or Activity Can Boost Your Energy

We are born with an innate curiosity to learn new things, to ignore all boundaries, and to grow. In other words, we are the vehicles through which life finds its full expression.

To ignore this evolutionary need to learn, grow, expand your awareness, and to understand your own character, habits, thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions is to stifle the process of personal evolution.

To boost your energy and truly energize your life, you have to choose the path of learning new things regularly. This keeps you actively engaged in the process of growing, expanding and living an energized life.

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5. Reading A New Book Can Boost Your Energy

Just like learning a new skill, reading a new book can stimulate the imagination and has the potential to transport you to other realms away from the problems of daily living.

In fact, spending just a few minutes reading a well-written novel is all you need to melt your stress away and boost your energy significantly.

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6. Purposeful Work Can Boost Your Energy. So, Learn To Love/Like Your Work or Create A Plan To Move On.

Your work should serve a purpose.

Maybe for you, it’s a way to cover your daily expenses while you pursue your true passion on the side. For someone else, it may be a way to get the necessary experience they need.

Whatever your reason for working, you have to ask yourself: do you really enjoy what you do or is your work completely devoid of usefulness and meaning?

 To work with meaning is to work with purpose. Without purpose, there can be no passion. Without passion, your work will just become another “energy sucker,” slowing sucking the life out of you until there’s nothing left but bitterness and regret.

To boost your energy and truly energize your life, you either have to learn to love or like the job that you have, or move on and find/create work that you love.

Twenty years ago, I took the lead of faith and left corporate America for the uncertain life of an entrepreneur, and I’ve been able to create an energized lifestyle fuel by purpose, passion and play.

I’ve also consulted with many clients who have made dramatic changes as well. It wasn’t easy, but most are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in all aspects of their lives than before.

This is possible for you too.

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7. To Boost Your Energy, You Have To Release Negative People From Your Circle Of Influence

Gandhi once said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” Allowing negative people to be around you everyday is doing just that.

As I mentioned earlier, negative energy is dark, heavy and draining. So, allowing negative people to influence you everyday will contaminate your energy and bring you down.

To boost your energy, stay positive and turn down the noise of negative people by dealing with them only if you must.

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8. Boost Your Energy With A Renewal Break

Unlike a computer, human beings were not meant to work continuously for long periods of time. In fact, your daily energy cycle only last for about two hours, after which time, your focus and concentration will become dramatically impaired.

Instead of trying to override this natural energy low with caffeine, energy drinks and other stimulants, it is best just to take a short break. Go for a walk, socialize with co-workers, and best of all, find a way to play.

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9. Boost Your Energy With Silence

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do to boost your energy is nothing at all. Just find a quiet place and enjoy the silence.

Silence is like an ocean of energy and all you have to do to tap into this vast source of energy is absolutely nothing. Just take a few minutes to stop everything, shut out the noise, turn your thoughts inward and just listen to the music of your soul.

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10. Boost Your Energy By Bringing Your Soul Out To Play

Play is an integral source of energy. To neglect it is to neglect one of our most fundamental needs as a human being.

In fact, it is through our active play that we are able to access our “joy moments.” These are the moments that bring a smile to our faces even years later when we think about them.

So, find a way to steal little play moments everyday. It will boost your energy and make you feel alive.

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QUESTION: What do you do on a regular basis to boost your energy? Leave a comment below.

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