The Energizing Power of Play

Most of my clients are workaholics. Are you?

Unfortunately, most workaholics eventually have to deal with the ugly truth that the way they’re living will almost certainly lead to burnout. After all, even the brightest candle won’t keep burning forever.

So how do you prevent burnout? You energize your life by learning to play again.

Most adults take life too seriously. They have forgotten how to play. They have also forgotten that heart play is a necessary part of a balanced life. Heart play is anything you do that makes your heart sing. It makes you feel alive and rejuvenated.

Heart play is any form of play that you love to do and do for its own sake. This is the kind of play that leads to your joy moments. Those are moments of play that make you say to yourself “oh, I wish this moment will last forever.”

My favorite forms of play are tennis, dancing, roller blading and roller dancing. These are what I do at least weekly.

What do you love to do? Find something that makes your heart sing and do it regularly. It will energize your life beyond measure.

Until next time, may the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrow.

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