Energize Your Relationships: Create Long Lasting Love

Interview with Terri Cole on The Real Love Revolution

Special Guest Interview with Terri Cole, creator of The Real Love Revolution.  In this episode, Terri and I will talk about how to turn your fear into freedom and how you can create passionate long lasting love if you’re willing to rewrite your love story.

Terri will also share some simple, practical tips on how you can energize your romantic relationships and create long lasting love. Terri’s work (The Real Love Revolutionis a powerful combination of tools and strategies from the worlds of psychology, coaching and spirituality curated throughout her almost twenty year career as a psychotherapist and master relationship coach.

The 5 pillars are designed to guide you to uncover the limiting beliefs and unconscious material that may be blocking you from creating the life and long lasting love you desire.  

How do you create long lasting love?

According to Terri, to create long lasting love, you have to be willing to rewire faulty beliefs about yourself, what you deserve, what you are worth and how lovable you are. “I want you to love deeper, healthier, and set clearer boundaries so that you can enjoy life and be free & nurtured in your relationships.”

The 5 Pillars of The Real Love Revolution will help you to create long lasting love.  They will help you to reveal and transform the unconscious limiting beliefs around love and worthiness that have been handed down consciously and unconsciously from generation to generation. These limiting beliefs are reinforced by our culture, society, family, religion and social systems.

To create long lasting love, you have to first deconstruct any corrupted information of limitation and replace it with the pure potential and infinite possibilities of your one-of-a-kind, amazing life.

According to Terri, real long lasting love isn’t just for the lucky, but is open to everyone who’s willing to work for it.

Learn more about Terri Cole and The Real Love Revolution.


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