7 Simple Ways to Energize Your Lifestyle

Americans are obsessed with being busy. In fact, for most of us, busyness has become something of a status symbol – a sign that we are in demand and thus important. Unfortunately, this constant state of busyness eventually takes its toll on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our busy chaotic lifestyles may eventually lead to burnout and can even block access to the very sources of energy we need to energize our lives.

Over the past twenty years, I have consulted with many clients. The vast majority have often said that they’re too busy to do the simple things necessary to expand their own energy capacity. Unfortunately, if you’re too busy to make time for exercise and to prepare nutritious meals, this will dramatically affect your physical, mental and emotional energy. By the same token, if you’re too busy to cultivate deep personal relationships, this too will affect the quality of your daily experience.

There are four dimensions of energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Unfortunately, when most people think about energy they often think only about the physical components of energy – nutrition and exercise. However, there are many other sources of energy as I outlined in my book, Energize Your Life. The physical component of energy, which falls under the category of what I call Physical Vitality, is only one of the seven sources of energy that I wrote about in Energize Your Life.

As I wrote in the book, Energize Your Life, there is a life force within us that drives us toward purpose and meaning. Vitality is a measure of that life force.

“People with vitality often seem to have that special “something,” yet you just can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. Not only do they seem to radiate inner- calm, they also have the energy to get more done. They attract others to them because they’re fully present and more engaging.

Physical vitality is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, coupled with a high degree of life force energy.

People who possess physical vitality are usually happy, energetic, and very social. They radiate good health with sparkling eyes, healthy hair and skin, and are often the poster children for successful aging.”

So why should this interest you?

Physical vitality is the foundation upon which all the other sources of energy rest.

“It shapes your daily mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. Without it, you lack focus and concentration. You feel irritable, impatient, overwhelmed and insecure more easily. It is also easier to become disconnected from your true mission and purpose.”

Below are seven simple ways to cultivate physical vitality, and thus, expand your energy capacity and energize your lifestyle. My hope for you is that over time you will slowly integrate these simple ideas, most of which I’m sure you are already familiar with, into your daily routine. After all, knowledge does very little good unless you can change your behaviors.

  1. Put your own health first
  2. Eat the foods that love you back
  3. Stand up and move
  4. Stop lying to yourself about time
  5. Pump up to feel your strength
  6. Sleep your way to better health and performance
  7. Build a social network

Listen to the podcast above for full explanation of the above seven tips.

Until next time, may the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrow.

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