Does your body trust you?

The human body is the most advanced structure in the known universe. With over 70 trillion cells, each performing thousands of complicated operations every minute, it’s truly a miracle that we’re alive.

In the body, cells form molecules; molecules form tissue, tissue form organs, and organs group together to form systems. No other systems in nature have been found to rival the workings of the body’s systems. For instance, the circulatory or cardiovascular system (heart, blood, blood vessels, lungs) is one of the most complex.

Did you know that your heart beats over 100,000 times and pumps over 2,000 gallons of blood through 96,000 miles of blood vessels everyday?

Considering our sedentary lifestyles and how poorly most of us eat, it’s a miracle the body is able to keep functioning without the necessary raw materials that it needs.

But we do pay a price.

The body will do whatever it can to keep functioning because, like any other living organism, it wants to live. It wants to continue to be in existence.   So it will rob and steal and cannibalize itself in order to live.

Yet you wonder why you have no energy, lacks focus and concentration, and can’t lose weight.

The short answer is that your body is fighting for it’s own survival. After spending months or years neglecting yourself, two weeks of exercise and “watching what you eat” is insufficient to build “body trust.

Yet the question I hear often is “I’ve been exercising and watching what I eat for two weeks now, why haven’t I seen any results?”

Again, the short answer is that your body has been fighting for it’s own survival because of your neglect. So don’t expect it to magically switch from its survival instinct to optimal functioning in a few weeks.

Relationships are built on trust. And your body, as a living, intelligent organism, has to be able to trust that you have its best interest at heart, otherwise, it will do whatever it can to survive. That’s it; survive.

So if you want to feel vibrant, energetic and truly ‘alive’ again, start by building “body trust.”

It isn’t very complicated. Just take care of your body the way you would tend to the needs of a newborn baby. Feed it nourishing foods, caress it regularly in the form of movement, give it lots of rest, and above all, be loving, patient, and kind.

Until next time, may “the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrow.”


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