7-Ways to Get Rid of the Energy Suckers (Negative People) and Energize Your Life

Negative energy is like a black hole. It slowly sucks you in and before you know it, you’re struggling to breathe. Like dark matter, negative energy is impenetrable by light and cannot sustain life.

Negative people are filled with dark matter. Most of them have been living in the abyss of despair for so long, not only have they given up on their dreams, they are also quick to convince you of the futility of yours. They also try their best to discourage you from thinking big or having any grand ambition for your life. I call these kinds of people “energy suckers” because their negativity slowly sucks the life out of you.

Recommitting and re-engaging to a plan of action without knowing why you’re moving in that direction is the same as being on a treadmill that is going nowhere.

‘Why’ is not just a question, it’s a laser beam penetrating to the very core of what motivates us and leads to inspired and purposeful action.

Dr. Del Millers

A New Beginning: Start with ‘Why’.

Positive Energy

A new year brings the promise of new birth or new beginnings. It’s a chance to start over, a stepping-stone into the realm of new possibilities. What better time is there to reflect, recommit, and re-engage to your priorities? But as you reflect on your successes and failures of the past, it is always best to clarify your reasons for wanting to move in a particular direction, before proceeding forward.