7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

– But Still Eat Whatever You Want.

Holiday weight gain is real. And the sad news is it takes more than five months to lose those extra holiday pounds. In fact, the average American gains five to ten pounds between Thanksgiving and the day after New Year’s, when the month of culinary atonement begins.

10 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

Without Energy Drinks or Caffeine

Did you know that simple lifestyle changes can significantly boost your energy?

From time to time, we all will have those exhaustingly busy days that zap our energy and leave us crawling into bed at night. However, if you’re experiencing chronically low energy and exhaustion on a daily basis, maybe it’s time to skip the extra cup of coffee or energy drink and learn how to energize your lifestyle instead.

The ten ideas below are simple ways that you can boost your energy without energy drinks or caffeine.

Why Lifestyle Design is for You, Even If You Work a 9-5 Job

Lifestyle design isn’t a new concept.

Sure, Tim Ferris popularized the concept of lifestyle design with his 2007 book, The Four Hour Workweek. However, many Passionpreneurs, myself included, have been living and promoting the principles of lifestyle design for many years. In my case, for over two-decades.

In case you’re wondering, a Passionpreneur is someone who has utilized the principles of lifestyle design to create a lifestyle and one or more money making entrepreneurial ventures around his/her passions.